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Dechoes strives to offer an alternative to conventional clothing consumption by giving gently used pieces a place to be bought and sold. We have created a sustainable way to recycle clothing in order to do our part in reducing humans' environmental impact on our precious earth. We do what it takes to be sustainable and stylish, so we make sure to chose compelling, unique, and exciting pieces for our stores.


Created in 2002, Dechoes Resale is the idea-come-to-life of Kerri and Mike Colangelo. Kerri had been selling designer goods on eBay for years, and decided it was time to open a brick and mortar location. The original Dechoes Resale was located on Edgewater Drive, just 2 doors down from the current Edgewater Drive location. Kerri wanted to bring a new concept to Orlando: purchase items outright while mixing vintage, contemporary, and high end designer pieces. Providing these special pieces in an edgy boutique setting with exceptional customer service has always been a top priority for Kerri and Mike.

Kerri also wanted to create a space where sustainability and fashion could live side by side. We are well aware of the amount of waste created by the fashion industry every year, and believe in being as sustainable as possible. Elevating the average thrift store experience while keeping it current, exciting and trendy is how we did it. By shopping resale and going green, you are giving pieces new life and reducing your carbon footprint.


We take this subject very seriously and our entire business is modeled around sustainability! Every item in our store is second-hand, that means nothing has been produced for our store. Globally, we throw away a whopping 13 million tons of clothing a year, 95% of those can be reused or recycled (Source). We also ship all of our orders in either recycled or compostable materials. We are a small fraction of what it takes to clean up our earth but we are committed to doing our part. 


As a small business, we identify closely with our community. We strive to create a comfortable and safe space for every member of the community. This is especially important for our LGBTQIA+ and Black brothers and sisters. We are firm in our stance on equality and Black Lives Matter and do our part both as a company and personally to contribute to these important causes. 
We currently host a number of Black-owned small businesses in our stores. If you are interested in having your items in our stores, please contact us at (407) 648-7480 or (407) 894-6622 or send us a DM on Instagram. We are always seeking new Black owned businesses to support! 

To learn more information about our commitment to these issues please contact us by phone or Instagram DM!



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