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here's the lowdown on how we approach pricing your items

our main goal is to price your items fairly: fair to you and fair to us. we are a business and we do need to make money. that's why we offer you a percentage instead of the whole enchilada.

think of it this way -- we do the work of selling the item for you. if you sell your item on ebay or poshmark, you do the work of listing the item and responding to inquiries so you get more of the money. when you sell to dechoes, we do that work for you and we take the loss if it ends up not selling. we have to have a cut in order to do that work and take that risk. sometimes that's not the right fit for your items or expectations and that's OK! we encourage our customers to try to sell their items on their own if they're looking for more than what we can offer. get your bag! 

we are trained to find the best price for you and us! we want to sell your item as high as we can because we want you to have a good payday. but we also have to make sure the price is reasonable for our store. it's our job to find that sweet spot. if we're not willing to go up to the price you're looking for, certain items qualify for consignment. Click here to find out more!

for designer items we base or pricing on the resale market. we use ebay sold listings as a general indicator of the market value of your item. we will never be able to price an item at what it's original price at the store was. just like with cars, when the item leaves the store it immediately decreases in value even if it is brand new. please remember that our price is NOT what you will be receiving! you will get a percentage of our price. items individually priced over $100 get a higher percentage in payout. 

for low end items we base our pricing on the years and years of research and experience our team has pricing items for our store. certain things do very well for us and certain things do not. our buyers have worked in our stores for a long time and are very familiar with the ebb and flow of things in our store. you can trust that they are giving you a fair price for your item, based on how much we can sell it for in our store. there may be times when you think your item is worth more or it may sell better in a different market. we are a small business with a specific audience, so leather pants that may sell for fifty dollars on depop may not be able to sell for that much here. we encourage you to explore all avenues and find the best option that works for you. 

please always keep in mind that our offer is just an offer! you are not obligated to sell us your items and we will not be offended if you decline it! 

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