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kept close to your heart

Louis Vuitton Gold Damier LV Charm Pearl Necklace


Talbots Pink Necklace


Sorrelli Crystal Black Onyx Protea Statement Necklace Vintage Look

$395.00   $34.99

Yochi NY Silver Claw Or Horn Necklace


Handmade Pink Beads And Hammered Arrow Tail Necklace

$125.00   $19.99

Beth North Metal Silver Jewelry Set Necklace & Earrings

$350.00   $13.99

VINTAGE Cross Light Gold Tone Unisex Layering Necklace


VINTAGE Look Silver Pearls Layered Charm Necklace


Dora Mae boutique Vintage re-done silver and brown Necklace

$125.00   $9.99

Adorable Clear Beaded Navy Blue Bow Necklace Talbots

$39.50   $11.99

Talbots blue and gold Flower Necklace

$59.50   $14.99


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