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we buy men's and women's modern, vintage, and designer clothes, shoes, and accessories in sizes extra small to extra large

modern includes higher end mall brands purchased in the past two years, and vintage includes items from 1999 and previous matching current trends. we do not buy wedding dresses, engagement rings, professional wear including suits, scrubs, or formal wear. before booking, feel free to read over our brands page to see what we are currently accepting.

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we are excited to look through your items! 


click here to read our selling terms & conditions

we offer money on the spot! we buy outright. for items we can take, we offer 50% in store credit or 35% in money. percentages are higher for items priced over $100. best offer in town! we offer payment via PayPal, CashApp, and Venmo. 

appointments are one-hour windows. we reserve the right to refuse any buy that arrives more than one half hour late from its scheduled appointment time. if you have a large quantity of items, please call ahead and book multiple slots. 

we will NOT accept items brought in trash bags. please make sure your items are washed, folded, and neatly prepared in boxes, tote bags, or bins. hanging items are okay too! we steam all items in-store so don't worry about wrinkles. 

you cannot leave your items at our stores. you have to remain in the store for the duration of your appointment. any items left at our stores by the end of the day become property of dechoes resale. dechoes resale is NOT responsible for any goods that are lost, stolen, or damaged in our stores before, during, or after the buying process. by bringing your items, you accept any and all risk for your items. 

we require proof of authentication for some items. we do most of our authentication in-house and can usually make you an offer without a receipt. there are some cases where we will ask for proof of purchase in order to make an offer. this would include the original receipt or a certificate of authenticity from a third-party authenticator. we must be 100% sure every single item in our store is authentic. thank you for your understanding. for more information on our authentication process, check out our authentication page.

our buying procedure is the same at both stores. no need to make separate appointments at both stores for the same items. any items previously passed on at one store will not be looked at again at the other location.

need to cancel or change your appointment? to cancel your appointment, give either store a call at (407) 648-7480 or (407) 894-6622 or send us a DM on instagram. to change an appointment, we encourage you to make a new appointment by clicking the book now button above and then contacting us to cancel your old one. no need to wait until your first one is cancelled to make a new one, we know slots fill up fast.

have questions that weren't addressed above? they're probably in our faq! click here to read all about it. If they're not in our faq, you can give us a call at (407) 648-7480 or (407) 894-6622 or send us a DM on Instagram (@dechoesresale)! we are happy to answer any of your questions.


not comfy coming in store but still want to sell? no problem! we we encourage you to check out dechoes' virtual buying, an alternative for coming in-store to sell your items. we offer curbside accommodations. click here or navigate to the virtual buying page and scroll down to the COVID-19 procedures section of the page for full details. we are happy to accommodate any and everyone who would like to come in store. we appreciate your business and want to make sure everyone feels as safe as possible at our stores.


give us a call at (407) 648-7480 or (407) 894-6622 or send us a DM on instagram (@dechoesresale)! we are happy to answer any of your questions.

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