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here's the scoop on our authenticating process

we authenticate most items in store. our team has over two decades of combined experience working with luxury designer goods. we have always authenticated in-house since our store opened up in 2002. each one of our authenticators receives rigorous training. we guarantee every piece in our store is authentic. 

our process is complex and integrates many forms of authentication. some are as simple as cross referencing the item with photos of authentic bags or legit checks to ones as complicated as using our experience to know what to expect from an authentic piece.


you can buy with confidence that your designer item is 100% authentic. if you have any questions or doubts about the item you purchased from us and would like clarification, please give us a call or a DM. we would be happy to let you know exactly what makes your bag authentic. 


in order to maintain our authenticity guarantee, we are extremely careful during our authentication process. if we are not 100% sure an item is authentic we may pass on your item or ask for proof of authenticity. this may come in the form of original receipt or reputable third-party certifications of authenticity.


  • we require original receipts or third party authentication on items we price at $1000 or over. we offer select reimbursement up to $50 for required third party authentications*. *Please click here for our full Third Party Authentication policy
  • often times authenticity cards that come with bags cannot be considered proof of authenticity, as most replicas do include accurate authenticity cards. in these cases, the original receipt or certificate of authenticity is required.
  • we do not consider sites such as the real real reputable as we have found their authentication unreliable. we do ask you have your receipt handy if you purchased via this site. we might ask you reach out to a reputable third-party authentication site for a certificate of authenticity in these cases. 
  • some items may require receipts while some will not, as some things are easier to authenticate than others. if you have sold something to us without needing a receipt, do not be alarmed if we ask you for a receipt for a different item.

please do not take it personally if we cannot take your item. we pass on items for a variety of reasons, including not being able to fully authenticate it. we are not doubting you, we just have to be extremely careful. 

**it is illegal to knowingly sell fake goods as if they are authentic. this includes selling to resale shops. if you sell us a replica as if it was authentic and we find out after the fact, we will resolve it by asking for our money back and return the fraudulent item to you. if you do not comply we can pursue legal action.**

we do not offer authentication services. all authentication is done on the basis that you are selling your item.

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